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Protect Your Carpet, Rug & Upholstery

When an exterminator comes into your home, many items of your furniture will need to be removed from the room because of the wide range of chemicals that will be used. Unfortunately, carpets rugs and upholstered items are going to be left to the mercy of the exterminator.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an unpleasant experience for everyone - and getting rid of them completely is no easy task. The best thing to do is take action fast and call an exterminator as soon as the problem arises. This will help you get back to normal, quickly, and make sure your family and house stay healthy.

Professional exterminators recommend having your carpets steam-cleaned after extermination treatments in order to remove chemical residues, dormant eggs, exterminated mites/parasites and other contaminants. While steam-cleaning is not a 100% extermination guarantee, the temperature of the water and powerful vacuuming used for cleaning typically kills any mites or parasites which may have been left behind.

There are two possible ways that damage can be caused.

When carpets and rugs come into contact with strong chemicals, they can often lose their color and soft feel i.e. their essential qualities.

Once the extermination process is complete, residue may form inside the fabric itself and become difficult to remove.

Both situations can leave permanent damage. But this is unnecessary, because there are two simple solutions to the situation:

Let us clean your carpet, rug or upholstery whilst the rest of your house is being dealt with by the exterminator. We guarantee to remove all bed bugs and termites from your items, just as an exterminator would do, only we will make sure nothing is damaged or ruined.

If you still decide to have an exterminator deal with the entire house, then let us take care of the chemical residue. Chemicals used will invariably damage your item, especially a wall-to-wall carpet, which will suffer the most (and, of course, cannot be removed). Let us take care of your carpets, rugs and upholster. We will clean them thoroughly and have them looking and feeling good as new.

It's our promise that by the time we are finished, they will be looking as good as before it not even better than before.

So give as a call, whenever the need arises, and let us figure the quickest and most fitting solution to your particular problem.

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